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Once a month I go out for food outside.
I go into the store and go back inside.
I left all the nonsense unimportant behind.
Game installed – let’s burn the hard drive!

A sinister and alien world
will tremble under my great sword.
I'm a monster and a lord,
a blade master!

Hey! No magic, no back door
won't help to save the elves no more
I'm coming! And my horde

I design and perfect build these towns.
Then I fly away to stars, sometimes...
The world is like a toy that’s here now…
If it breaks? I'll create another one!

A sinful and alien world
will tremble under my great sword.
I'm a monster and a lord.
a blade master!

Hit so hard with all my bite!
My real Warcraft it is my might!
The lucky ones are at my side!
And that’s the matter!

My worlds are fine! I’ve created these lands!
Everything is possible for under my arms!

And I often notice the sadness in your eyes
But you should know I won’t return to your real side!

I rescued princesses, I fought until I bled!
I have been dying for the faith returning undead!

I have used all my forces till the final run
And even none believed in me but I have won!

I've lived a hundred lives and I could fly.
Here I was really what I couldn’t be on that side
And years... let them pass! I'm just gonna laugh!
I'm staying here! I’ve got enough!

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