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We’ve always known each other
But we’ve met just now
Time isn’t linear.
The past and the future intertwine
in the flow of eternity.
The future is already happened.

No need to introduce and discover each other.
We can recall…
We were together… Always.

What do you think we
Didn’t even really meet?
It is a problem but it is not for me
Оn the sinful Earth
In this universe
I’m sure I am yours
And mine you’ll always be.
Love no longer matters,
Romance’s in the crapper
I know the light will always cut the darkness through!
I believe that ever
And almost forever
I’m able to love… you… And I do!

We never knew each other, but I remember you
Yes. The future is already happened.
I feel you.
How much happiness do we bring for each other?
Just recall, that we are two halves of one big
and eternal love.

Remember this song?
Do you feel the rhythm?
Here it is.
For many years our hearts beat together as one.

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